Meil is a free e-mail service based on the MX servers of Yandex. Meil changes market of e-mails for business and personal use by providing free of use mail boxes for anybody! Since we are able to give access to our domain, we are asking users just to share with us any funds they can. Meil will use it for really good things!

1 USD also will be ok. The main point – if within 1 year Meil will receive enough donations for domain extension and hosting bills, and the rest to use for improve services and donations and support people who really need it.

What is domain name cost? 8 USD which is not expensive. Hosting costs 36 USD. It’s more. Together all – 44 USD. We will appreciate to receive 4 USD monthly what means just 1 USD from each user for the mailbox. But be sure – payment not required, we just asking for help.

What if we will have 100 users and we will receive at least 50 USD a month? 50 * 12 = 600 USD. That’s great! If to pay 44 USD we will still have 556 USD which we can spend for support a kid in any country who need it for school supplies. Or for food for few homeless people. Or for build a church and dormitory to invite homeless people to sleep and take a bath and breakfast with us.

It’s not a joke! It’s really important thing. 1 USD can help to safe a life. Let’s make it work together with Meil!

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If you have any questions, just Contact us. Also, read more about our Privacy Policy.